Volunteer Registration

עברית למטה

This form is for those who live locally and would like to volunteer in the field at Tel Moza. 


Registration is open to all ages 18 and above, no experience necessary!

We require a minimum participation of 5 consecutive days (starting either the 6th or 11th of September). This is so all volunteers are able to have a tour of the site as well as the required safety demonstrations. 

The excavation day begins at 6:00 and ends around 14:30, with a breakfast break around 9:30.


Arrival to and from the site is the responsibility of the volunteer. There is easy access for cars.

Upon successfully registering, participants will be sent a confirmation email with further details. 

התנדבות בחפירות תל מוצא

טופס זה מיועד עבור תושבים מקומיים שמעוניינים להתנדב בחפירות תל מוצא.

ההתנדבות פתוחה לכל אדם מעל גיל 18 שבריאותו תקינה, אין צורך בניסיון קודם!

יש להתחייב להשתתפות של חמישה ימים רצופים לפחות (התחלה ביום שלישי 6.9 או ביום ראשון 11.9), זאת על מנת שרצף העבודה יישמר ושנוכל לוודא שכל מתנדב ישתתף בהדרכות ובסיורים.

יום החפירה מתחיל בשעה 06:00 ומסתיים בשעה 14:30. סביב השעה 9:30 תתקיים ארוחת בוקר. אנחנו מציעים פריסת שטח מפנקת (ללא הכשר).


ההגעה לאתר היא עצמאית (גישה נוחה לרכבים פרטיים).

.לנרשמים יישלח מייל מפורט לקראת העונה

Registration Form

(Please complete the form in English)

1. Personal Details
2. Excavation Participation  
Please select the weeks you would like to participate
3. Health Declaration and Emergency Contacts
Do you have any allergies, dietary requirements or medical conditions?
3. Terms and Conditions
  • By signing this waiver form, I acknowledge that I am physically and mentally able to participate in Tel Moẓa excavation activities. I acknowledge that there are certain risks involved in said activities.

  • I release Tel Moẓa excavation and Tel Aviv University (TAU), its affiliates, volunteers, and employees of all responsibilities for any injuries, to body or property, which may occur to me during these activities. In the event of an emergency in which I, or the alternate contact, cannot be reached, I authorize the adult leaders to make medical decisions for me, and to administer first aid if deemed necessary.  

  •  I confirm that I am insured under a valid medical insurance policy throughout the entire span of my volunteering period, and I confirm that my medical insurance covers any damage that I may be subjected to as a result of my presence in any archaeological site.  

  • I confirm that I have read and agree to the cancellation policy outlined above.

Thanks for submitting!