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Temple of Tel Moza Publications

General Tel Moza Publications

Tel Moẓa Excavation Reports

1993, 2002, 2003 Salvage Excavations

Greenhut, Z. and De Groot, A. 2009. Salvage Excavations at Tel Moẓa—The Bronze and Iron Age Settlements and Later Occupations (IAA Reports 39). Jerusalem.


2012–2013 Salvage Excavations

Kisilevitz, S., Eirikh-Rose, A., Khalaily, M. and Greenhut, Z. 2014. Moza, Tel Moza. HA-ESI 126.

2019–Present Tel Moza Expedition Project

Kisilevitz, S. and Lipschits, O. 2020. Tel Moẓa. HA-ESI 132.

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