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Temple of Tel Moza Publications

  • Kisilevitz, S. and Lipschits, O. 2020. Another Temple in Judah! The Tale of Tel Moẓa. Biblical Archaeological Review 46(1): 40–49. 

  • Kisilevitz, S. 2016. Terracotta figurines from the Iron IIA Temple at Moẓa, Judah. Les Camets de L’ACoST 15.

  • Kisilevitz, S. 2015. The Iron IIA Judahite Temple at Moẓa. Tel Aviv 42: 147–164.

  • Kisilevitz, S.  2014. A Unique Temple at Moẓa, with Figurines and Cult Vessels from the Iron IIA.
    Qadmoniot 147: 25–31. (Hebrew). 

  • Kisilevitz, S. 2013. Ritual Finds from the Iron Age at Tel Motza. In G. D. Stiebel, O. Peleg-Barkat, D. Ben-Ami, S. Wexler-Bdloah and Y. Gadot (eds.). New Studies in the Archaeology of Jerusalem and its Region. Volume VII. Jerusalem. Pp. 38–46. (Hebrew).

General Tel Moẓa Publications

1993, 2002, 2003 Salvage Excavations

Greenhut, Z. and De Groot, A. 2009. Salvage Excavations at Tel Moẓa—The Bronze and Iron Age Settlements and Later Occupations (IAA Reports 39). Jerusalem. 


2012–2013 Salvage Excavations

Kisilevitz, S., Eirikh-Rose, A., Khalaily, M. and Greenhut, Z. 2014. Moza, Tel Moza. HA-ESI 126.

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