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Support the excavation from afar!

Moca_2022_73 2.jpg
Moca_2022_73 2.jpg

The highlight of our full-time research into the history of Tel Moza is a three-week excavation season in late summer. Through hard work in the field and labs, a team of local and international experts, students and volunteers of all ages work together to uncover more of the mysteries buried at the site. 

We rely on grants and donations to facilitate this unique research into the history of the ancient Kingdom of Judah.

You can support this project by funding student scholarships, field supplies, and other excavation costs! Click below for more details:

Moca_2022_73 2.jpg

Thank you to our current supporters, which include: 

Melissa Bindra

Rachel Blum Cantone                        

Mary Butterworth      

Maria Clara de Freitas

Myron Frans and Susan Segal

Karyl Friedman

Dr. John K. Hall

Ayanna Oliver-Taylor

Shelley Segal

Lynne Seymour 

Howard Yoon

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