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Penina Myerson

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

The Yeshayahu Kisilevitz Memorial Scholarship

Moca_2022_198 25_edited.jpg

Moza is an excavation that truly feels like a family, bringing people together from all around the world to learn together, dig together, and enjoy each other’s company. The diverse range of staff and volunteers meant the conversation around the site was always dynamic and it was a pleasure to work with a team so focused on teaching volunteers as well as listening to their opinions. I spent the season in the area consisting of the temple itself, trying to understand its architecture and physical boundaries, and position in the environment. This area also includes some of the large silos that characterize much of the site. The proximity of these with the temple was a constant and fascinating reminder of the needs of the community that constructed it, and how their economic survival and daily sustenance was so deeply entwined with their cultic behavior and belief.  This learning continued beyond the field, whether through trips to archaeological sites or institutions, lectures at the guest house, or simply discussions about the finds themselves.


I am immensely grateful to the providers of the Yeshayahu Kisilevits Memorial Scholarship for this opportunity to be part of the Moza Excavation Project and for all I learnt through the course of the season, and am especially thankful for the wonderful excavation team who were always willing to share their knowledge and thoughts, and to answer a never ending supply of archaeological questions.  Add to this the excitement and somewhat surreal experience of excavating a three thousand year old temple positioned under a major modern Israeli highway and what’s not to like?

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