Application Form

Dear Applicant, the application is divided into four parts, to be completed in full:

1. Personal Information

2. Statement of Health and Insurance Status

3. Release of Liability

4. Copy of your passport (page with photo and personal information)

After submitting your application we will be in touch regarding additional information and payment. Application forms should be submitted no later than January 15, 2020, in order to guarantee your place on the excavation.

1. Personal Information

Driver's License
I would like accommodation:

2. Statement of Health and Insurance Status  

Every participant must have current medical insurance coverage valid for Israel. Please check with your insurance company to confirm that your policy will cover you during your stay in Israel and work at the dig. 

I hereby state that I have complete health, accident, and personal possessions (theft and damage) insurance, valid in Israel. I have been pronounced by my doctor and my insurance program to be medically fit and up to the exertions of manual work in a hot climate. I am aware that should the above statement be untrue, I would have no claim for compensation from the Project, its supporting institutions, directors or staff. 

3. Release of Liability

  • By signing this waiver form, I acknowledge that I am physically and mentally able to participate in Tel Moẓa excavation activities. I acknowledge that there are certain risks involved in said activities.  

  • I release Tel Moẓa excavation and Tel Aviv University (TAU), its affiliates, volunteers, and employees of all responsibilities for any injuries, to body or property, which may occur to me during these activities. In the event of an emergency in which I, or the alternate contact, cannot be reached, I authorize the adult leaders to make medical decisions for me, and to administer first aid if deemed necessary.  

  • I release the Tel Moẓa excavation and TAU from any action, legal or otherwise, taken by me or my kin/any proxy in relation to my time as a volunteer on this project or as any consequence of it.  

  • I further agree to indemnify and hold harmless Tel Moẓa excavation and TAU and its affiliates, volunteers, and employees of any and all claims arising from my participation in activities or as a result of my injury or illness during such activities.  

  • I confirm that I am insured under a valid medical insurance policy throughout the entire span of my volunteering period, and I confirm that my medical insurance covers any damage that I may be subjected to as a result of my presence in any archaeological site.  

  • I have read the Waiver Form and I am fully aware of its contents.  

4. Copy of Passport

Please insert scan/copy of passport page with photo and personal information
Upload supported file (Max 15MB)